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Bolourchi Touri


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Touri Bolourchi

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Place of Birth:  Iran
Occupation:  Retired Nurse
Cause of Death:
World Trade Center plane crash
Burial Place:
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Created By:
 Thu, 13 Sep 2001 140516 -0700

Provider's Thoughts :
She was victim of blind terrorism against humanity.

CitizenE's life and accomplishments :

Touri Bolourchi, a 69-year-old retired nurse born in Tehran and educated in England, moved to the United States with her daughters in 1979, right after the Islamic revolution.  Her husband, Akbar Bolourchi, followed two years later, moving his internal medicine practice to Beverly Hills from Tehran. The two met when she was head nurse at Women's Hospital in Tehran and he was a practicing physician there.  Besides being an accomplished nurse, she spoke six languages: Turkish, English, French, Italian, Arabic and Farsi.  Touri Bolourchi boarded the flight in Boston after a two-week visit with a daughter, Roya Turan, and two grandsons. "She said, 'I'll see you when you come to L.A,' " Turan said. "She had that beautiful expression on her face, with her beautiful smile."  She hadn't flown to Boston for two years. "She was so afraid of airplanes," her husband said. Years ago, he explained, two of her cousins died in commercial airline crashes in Europe and Africa.  She is survived by her husband, her daughters Neda Bolourchi and Roya Turan, and grandsons Bobby Turan, 15, and Kayvon Turan, 10, of Boston.

Excerpt from LA Times article: Sept. 13, 2001
...................Roya Turan's mother, Touri Bolourchi, was on that same flight--but hadn't originally planned it that way. The 69-year-old retired nurse was to have flown home to Los Angeles right after Labor Day, with her husband, and got here alive. But instead, she decided to stay a few extra days in Boston to keep her daughter company.  It now torments Turan. It fills her with a guilt that may haunt her for years.  "She blames herself a lot," said a cousin, Javad Bolourchi, who lives in San Marino. "She is all alone with the two children, and she can't come here because there are no flights. We just keep calling her and giving her support over the phone."  On Wednesday, at the Bolourchis' condominium in Brentwood, mourners clad in black sat in the living room, hugging, crying and talking in hushed tones. As is Iranian custom, relatives served black Iranian tea, dates and halva, a sweet made with fried wheat flour, rose water and saffron. People hugged Touri's husband, Akbar Bolourchi, and daughter Neda, delivering traditional kisses on the cheek.  "This is the biggest tragedy of my life. I believe I'm still in a sleep," Bolourchi said. "I feel that one day she will come back. I'm still looking at my watch to see if it's 11:30, if it is time for me to go to the airport and pick her up.  "I slept a few hours last night in hopes I would see her in my dreams," he said, tears trickling silently down his cheeks. He shook his head.  "So far, I see nothing.".....................
view full article: Lurched Into Grief, Families Are Left Only With Questions (09/13/01)
Copyright 2001 Los Angeles Times

Guest Book :
Great mother, wife and friend as we all know her, She will be tremendously missed but will always be in our heart. Our prayer with the family.

S. Fouladi           Fri, 14 Sep 2001 111240 -0300

To: Javad Bolourchi
I saw the last name in the list of those killed in NYC and thought it might be someone related to you.  I'm so sorry about your loss.  What sad times we live in.   

Claudia in Chattanooga     Sat, 19 Jan 2002 12:31:07 EST


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