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JB Brock
June 9, 1920 - January 3, 2000

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Place of Birth:  Ellis County, Texas, United States
Farmer, Retired Clerk for the Southern Pacific RR
Times of Marriage: 1
Age of First Marriage: 19
Last name Of 1st. Spouse: Mary

Cause of Death:
Renal Failure
Place of Death:
In his bed at home.
City of Death:
Kingston, Texas, United States
Burial Place:
Grady Cemetery, Rankin, Texas, United States
Citizen E Relatives:

Created By: 
Abby (Andrea) L. Brock-Lane
S. Louis, Missouri, United States

Wednesday, June 16, 2004 11:39 PM, PT


Provider's Thoughts :
My grandaddy was the pride and joy of my world. He loved his family with
a passion, and gave up plenty for himself just so that his family wouldn't
have to go without anything. He was someone that you couldn't replace for
any amount of money.

CitizenE's life and accomplishments :

He left this world with only one enemy, the shunt in his arm from kidney
dialysis. He brought joy to not only his family, but to his friends. He
hosted Saturday night "Honky Tonk" parties, and everyone from the
neighborhood was invited. Adults, kids, it didn't matter who you were, but
you better be ready to two step. Saying goodbye is something that I still
have not been able to do yet. I love you Grandaddy. Your little "Country

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