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Harris Myrtle Josephine


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Myrtle Josephine Harris
October 22, 1897- 1976

Place of Birth: Unknown, Missouri, USA
Additional Last Name:  Hicks
Last name Of 1st. Spouse: 
Last Name by Marriage:
Cause of Death:  Heart
Place of Death:
  Oklahoma Osteopathic Hospital
City of Death:  Tulsa, Oklahoma, usa
Burial Place: Rosehill Cemetary
, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
CitizenE Relatives: 

Created By:  Judy Marie McCoin-Bartlett
Las Vegas
, Nevada, USA
 Wednesday, December 04, 2002 1:46 AM

Sometimes we don't always recognize the value of the loved ones in our lives until they are gone. That is why I appreciate the opportunity to honor my grandmother here. She raised me and taught me about Jesus. In turn, I taught my children; and they've taught their children. Her mother, Idella (Ida) Josephine Jewell Harris, wrote in her Bible ... "Will the circle be unbroken?" Hopefully, not.

CitizenE's life and accomplishments :

Myrtle got scarlet fever when she was 9 years old that left her deaf.  Denied access to public school, she became self-educated.

Raised in the hills of Missouri, she brought her love of animals to the city. She was always the local drop-off for unwanted animals. She would do her best to find homes for each of them. The others, she would take to the SPCA. When she died, I took her dogs to the SPCA in Tulsa. They said that in her honor her dogs would never be adopted out. Instead, they would be allowed the run of their office until the day they died. I thought that was a wonderful tribute to my grandmother, and I know she looked down from Heaven with pleasure.

Guest Book :
The picture is of my grandmother and her husband, Ernest Scott. He was a French Canadian who served in the US Army. They met at Sand Springs Park near Tulsa, Oklahoma, sometime during WW I. He later died from complications from having breathed mustard gas during the war. He also was a participant in the Tulsa Race Riots, something I thought my grandmother made up until I read about it on the Internet. I hope he repented of that before he died.        Regards, Judy


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