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Hartooni Razmik


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Razmik Hartooni
August 15, 1954, December 16, 2002

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Place of Birth: Gharaghan County,  Iran
Occupation:  Businessman
Cause of Death:  Bone Cancer
Place of Death:
  His Brother's home
City of Death:  Glendale, California, USA
Burial Place:  Hollywood Forest Lawn, Burbank, California, USA

CitizenE Relatives: 

Created By:  Vanik Hartooni
Glendale, California, USA
Twin brother
 Friday, January 24, 2003, 1:05PM

CitizenE's life and accomplishments :

Razmik was born in August 15th, 1954 in Aghbulagh village in Gharaghan County in Iran. He was only a year old when he moved to Tehran with his family. Razmik and, his twin brother, Vanik were the second children of five. Razmik was only ten years old when he lost his father (Astvazadour), whose mother (Knarik) took the responsibility of raising her children on her own.

Razmik finished Nairi Elementary School and graduating from Kooshesh High School. After spending two years of military service, he entered the business world as accountant. With high determination, persistence, and courage, he built a company with his partners in 1990.

Razmik was much loved and respected by his colleges, friends, and relatives for his kindness, understanding, and love of God. When his twin and elder brother got married, he devoted his life for their children so much that he never thought of making his own family.

When Armenian families started to get away from Iran, the consequence of this affair destroyed Razmik's loving castle. Four of his brothers went away, and he was left alone with his mother. His life changed drastically. Since he had devoted whole his life to his brothers, he was left alone with the thoughts and memory of them. He helped and arranged many people to get out of Iran, but when it was his turn to join his brothers, all the doors were closed to him.

Razmik and his mother were staying in the Netherlands for over a year, determined to join his brothers in the United States, when his painful bone cancer started torturing him from August of 2002. With his brothers' determinations managed to bring him over to the U.S. on November 1st, 2002. After two days of his arrival, he was taken to the Olive View Hospital for three weeks, and then to the Memorial Hospital until two days before his death. He was taken home to his grandmother's to stay, when God called him home on December 16th, 2002.

Razmik's death was a tragedy because he had never planed to come to the U.S. with incurable illness. His illness was so tortoise that it never gave him a break to enjoy a few moments with his brothers and their children without any pain.

Guest Book :
This is a letter from Razmik's niece (Nairi), who was his favorite one:

My dear-dear Uncle,
If you can see me crying for your death do not feel sorry, and wish that you could tell me not to get my eyes red. Instead, stand proudly because for every tear that drips off my face is in honor of your love, your happy soul, your devotion, and most importantly you. May your soul be joyful, and your heart the same. Even though you aren't here with us, you will always be in our hearts. Our memories of you will always be repeated in our minds, and our dreams of what you would have been like if you were with us, will always be dreamt.

With Love and Honor,
Your Niece,
Nairi Hartooni


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