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Debra Johnson
1968 - April 27, 2003

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Place of Birth: Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
Occupation:  Tool and Dye operator
Additional Last Name:
Cause of Death:
 vehicle accident
Place of Death:
City of Death:
  Grand Rapids
Burial Place:
 Grand Rapids cemet
ery, Grand Rapids, MI, USA
CitizenE Relatives:

Created By:  Kim R. Wallaker
 soon to be sister-in-law
 Wed, 7 May 2003 093559 -0700


Provider's Thoughts :
I want something to know that this is true. I was one of the last ppl to talk to her before her accident. She would have become my sister-in-law soon. Couldnt make it to the funeral.

CitizenE's life and accomplishments :

I know Deb was a strong person and a hard worker. She loved to keep busy and loved the fact that we were going to be sister in laws. She was taking off work early the night of her accident, to go to the hospital where my fiancee, at the time, her brother, was in for infection in his hand from from an accident he received at work. She would do anything for Nick.

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