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Moss Sydney Samson


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Sydney Samson Moss
1866 - Aug. 30, 1948

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Place of Birth:  Hartselle, Ala, Morgan County
Times of Marriage: 1
Cause of Death:  Natural
Place of Death:
City of Death:
Hartselle, Ala, Morgan County
Burial Place:
Moss Chapel Cemetery, Hartselle, Ala, USA
Citizen E Relatives:

Created By: 
Paulette Carol McElroy
Bemidji, Mn., USA
Great Grand Daughter
Sunday, January 04, 2004 7:06 PM


Provider's Thoughts :
Actually, I am trying to find out if Moss Chapel cemetary still exists! My sister tries without success to find it online. My great grand father dies the day before I turned 4 years old, yet I remember it as clearly as if it were yesterday. I remember being very sad as my mother & grandmother would not let me go with Grandpa when that long blacl hearse pulled off on the red dirt road. My grandma Ellen McElroy was grandpa,s youngest daughter & lost her own mother at the age of 2 to T.B. I have so many happy memories of Grandpa. He would sit outside in the middle of that old red dirt road reading his Bible and singing, "The unclouded day" and other hymns. He loved us with a real passion. My brother was kind of a mean little boy back then as he would make a "SHHH!" noise & come up behind grandpa in the yard and throw dirt down his shirt! He was only two at the time. Grandpa would say, "come mere you, you little devil you!" But he never once spanked us. Only loved us. His baby daughter was raised by her two older sisters, Loana & Nora. Aunt Nora passed away years ago, but was married to Henry New & lived in Courtland back in 1972. We had grandpa,s casket in the front room & I remember tiptoeing up this green runner in the weee hours of the morning and dragging up a chair & shaking him & saying, "Wake up
grandpa! Wake up!"

How I miss him & my beloved Grandma, his baby. She passed away in Chicago on Jan. 15th, 1996 at the age of 93.  Grandpa was 82 when he died. I carried his old, tattered bound up with string Bible as something old when I married in 1981. I have since divorced and reverted back to my maiden name of McElroy as that was my beloved grandma's married name. I think that my uncle, Marvin McElroy is probably buried in Moss Chapel Cemetery too.

I just hope and pray that "our" cemetery is still there! Please find out for me and let me know. I would appreciate it with all of my heart and soul.

CitizenE's life and accomplishments :

Grandpa Moss was a very dedicated and truly born again Christian. He or his father one, I can,t remember which now; donated the land to build Moss Chapel Church & Grandpa,s name used to be and I PRAY STILL IS in gold letters on the first pew. The Cemetery is also named after The Moss Family and my grandma,s and grand dad,s firstborn child is buried there as well as numerous other Moss's and MeElroy,s. Grandma was married In Hartselle Ala to Robert Ervin McElroy.

Grandma,s maiden name was: Sydney Ellen Moss. My Grand daddy McElroy & his brother, my uncle Marvin McElroy built some of the finest houses in Hartselle as they were both excellent carpenters.I hope that my uncle Marvin,s wife, Lavergne is still living. They owned a house at 1631 Bowery Street as I recall. Of course, we used to just write to them at R.R. 1, Haerselle Ala. Their daughter, Bobbie married Jimmie Summerford and they had a daughter named Jan. I have not heard from any of them in years & years. 

Sorry I couldn,t add more detrail to my precious granpa Moss' life, but as I said, I was 1 day short of turning 4 yrs. old when he died. What I cheriah the MOST OF ALL is the greatest legacy of all...To
love The Lord, Treat others as we want to be treated, and to love our neighbors as ourselves. And the old, old hymns! As the song says, "PRECIOUS MEMORIES, HOW THEY LINGER!" If grandpa had lived, he would have 12 geart great grandchildren from me alone! And 26 great, great great from me, and 3 great, great, great, great from me as I have 26 grandchildren with 3 more on the way right now & have 3 great grand daughters. At one time, when my grandma Ellen McElroy was still alive, the pastor of our church used to be very fond of saying,  "We have FIVE generations sitting right here in ONE pew today! Before she died, we were 6 generations living!

Please help me to find out if my precious Moss Chapel Cemetery is still there! And..Moss Chapel Church.
Thank You So very, very kindly,

Guest Book :
Tuesday, April 25, 2006 4:25 PM
I just read with interest the article on Sidney Sampson Zephaniah Grant Moss.  My sister had written it in 2004 and I just happened to stumble on it.  I would like to add that a lot of Grandpa's relatives/ancestor's are in a World Tree on Ancestry.com.  I also would like to know if Moss Chapel still exists.  I believe it does because a relative named Aileen Hobbie (nee Moss) died in 2000 and I believe the article said she was to be buried there.

I know that Amanda Lona Sandlin (nee Moss) is buried there as is Nora Belle New (nee Moss). There are numerous other relatives buried there. The two I mentioned are my Grandmother's sister's.  My grandmother, Sydney Ellen McElroy, (nee Moss) is buried in Montrose Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois next to my grandfather, Robert Ervin McElroy. 

Sydney Ellen Moss: b. August 12, 1902, d. January 15, 1966,  Born in Hartselle, Morgan County, Alabama

Robert Ervin McElroy: b. July 30, 1901, d. August 1, 1965, Born in Hartselle, Morgan County, Alabama.

I don't remember my Great Grandfather as I was not born when he died in 1948. My Grandmother always talked about him and I feel as I DO know him.

Pamela Diamond


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