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Ridley Gordon C


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Gordon C Ridley
03-29-1932 - 10-28-2005

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Place of Birth:  portland, maine, cumberland
  security guard
Times of Marriage:
Last name Of 1st. Spouse: betty j mansfield
Cause of Death:
 heart failure
Place of Death:
  h d goodall hospital
City of Death:
 sanford, me, usa
Burial Place:
 brooklawn memorial park, portland, maine. usa
Citizen E Relatives:

Created By: fern r hamel
waterboro, maine, usa
 Saturday, November 12, 2005 7:09 PM, PT


Provider's Thoughts :
My dad was a wonderful warm caring man who always had a wise crack that could make everyone laugh. He also had an ornery streak that could come in a flash and be gone as quick. You always knew where you stood with my dad, no questions asked. But he was as quickly over any problems as they began. My dad was a wonderful provider, husband and father. I will miss him dearly and my husband Lonny will as well. He took my husband into our family as his own son and always treated him as such till the day he died. My husband asked him right before he left us: are you afraid to die dad and my dad so no son I am not. When god wants me he will come and take me till then I am with my family here, you and Fern. My dad was also as honest as the day is long and he will be so sadly missed. I have something I read at his funeral I would like to share here: Dad, Dad god saw you getting tired and a cure was not to be, he put his arms around you and whispered come with me, as we watched with tears in our eyes, you slowly faded away and god broke our hearts to prove to us he only takes the very best! My dad was the best and I love you dad and miss you...

CitizenE's life and accomplishments :

My dad worked as a Security Guard for 32 years for the same company and he was a very honest and loyal man. He was an excellent provider for his family. He took care of his own and always made sure we had whatever we needed. He might not have been able to give us the designer brands in things but he made sure we had what we needed and he took care of me up until the day he died he was still looking out for his family. He told just days before he died "Fern, Dear don't cry, I have lived my life and when god wants me it's time for me to go". I will never forget these words as long as I live.

Guest Book :

Monday, December 31, 2012 9:58 AM

I worked as a security guard with Gordon for two years in the early eighties. He was above all ,a straight shooter, a good man, as well as good company. The loss of his son Mike was a devastating blow to him and his wife,

but he gallantly marched on. Iíll never forget the image of him, making a patrol check on my account, driving the white Volvo and smoking a cigar. We will miss him.---Marty Carew - Hobe Sound, Florida.

                           God Bless---


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