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Salvati Adrianne M


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Adrianne M Salvati
11/8/82 - 12/6/95
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Place of Birth:  Groton, Conneticut, U. S. A.
  7th Grade Student
Cause of Death:
Place of Death:
  Fernandina beach
City of Death:
 same, Fl., USA
Burial Place:
 Ashes scattered in the Atlantic, Coast Of Fernandina Beach, Fl., USA
Citizen E Relatives:

Created By: T. Mack Doss
 Saturday, August 23, 2003 7:42 PM, PT


Provider's Thoughts :
She was a beatiful young lady, with a pure heart and a compassionate heart, she befriended the underdog, the lonely, My wife Cindy Salvati Doss, lost a part of her heart, that will never heal, untill she sees her darling Baby again. She was only 13, when she was murdered by a "so called friend". I hope that before he stands before our almighty judge, that he can become truthfully remorseful. She will always live in our hearts untill we see her again. To any parents that still have there precious children, just hold them and tell them how much you love them. Please, Please, remember that they are God's most precious gift to you, and not a possession. My wish is, that you find peace as I have through my Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. This is not about my theological ideology, but about my belief in all humanity.

Thank You, Mack and Cindy Doss

CitizenE's life and accomplishments :

Cindy found out after Adrianne's death from students and parents as well, How kind she treated new students, and how she went that extra mile to let them know that they were welcome. She was only 13 ,but she was the Queen of Hearts.

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