Tehran Cemeteries:

Behesht Zahra Cemetery
is the largest cemetery in Iran and located 25 miles south of Tehran along Quom Highway.
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Martyrs Section
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Ayatollah Khomeini Mausoleum

Imam Zadeh Abdola Cemetery
is located in old city of Ray just south of Tehran.  It is named after one of  Shiah Imams' cousins.
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Grave calligrapher
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Ebn-e-Babvey Cemetery 
The oldest cemetery in Tehran, also located in the City of Ray, south of Tehran.

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AbdolAzim1.jpg (32702 bytes)King Abdol Azim Shrine
This mausoleum is located at the end of an old bazar in the City of Ray, south of Tehran.
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Khonche2.jpg (46897 bytes)Khonche(Marriage gifts) 
Sign of a death announcement of an unmarried man put in corners of main streets of his neighborhood.
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Zahir2.jpg (36312 bytes)Zahir Doleh Mausoleum
is located in north part of Tehran, in City of Tajrish.
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Mashad Cemeteries

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